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What's happening at Kaagitham


'Checking out top 10 handmade jewelry destinations in Bangalore'

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April 2016


'From struggle to success. Turn your hobby into business'
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December 2015

Interview with the founder of Kaagitham by SmartIndianWomen

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November 2015

Deccan Herald 

'Take a quill pill' - A write up about Kaagitham and its founder
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August 2015


'From precious metals to paper jewelry - three women, three different styles'
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June 2015

The Startup Journal

'Women entrepreneurship in India; How tough it is?' - An interview with the founder of Kaagitham
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December 2014

Creative Gaga Magazine

Featured in Creative Gaga
July/August 2015 edition

Besant Nagar Times, Chennai

Kaagitham featured in Chennai's local magazine, The Besant Nagar Times