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Jewelry Care Guide

If someone tells you that handmade jewelry is fragile and not sturdy and long lasting,

please let us talk to them!



We go to extra lengths in making sure our designs are durable enough for everyday




For paper jewelry, there are few tips that can help increase their usage life.



1. Always store them in the box that they come with



2. All our quilled/paper creations are waterproof. If they get wet, pat dry very gently

with a clean cloth and leave them outside to dry for a day. Once the product is

completely dry, you can store them away as usual



3. Do not put your jewelry on until after you are completely dressed. It would help if

the pieces stay away from perfume, cosmetic spills and other products that you might




4. Do not sleep with your jewelry on. If you are a restless soul, you will end up

squashing them



5. Stay away from them if you are in a rage and want to pull apart things!



The more you cherish and love Kaagitham’s jewelry, the more will they love you back!