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About Us


Kaagitham started as a dream to popularize handmade jewelry


and to help people experience the joy of adorning one.


Unlike any other jewelry you pick out from every second online/offline

store you visit, every single piece you buy here has its own story to

speak. The raw materials are chosen with care, the design is painstakingly


created for hours together and the final touches are added.


Every stroke of paint on your jewelry, every bead added and every small

twist and turn was created by a person who loves working on the art.


When you buy something handcrafted, you not only buy the physical jewelry,


but also the love, dedication, and effort a person has put into creating it!



Where can you find us?


Kaagitham is located in Bangalore and we do not have any physical stores yet.


You can place your order through our website and can also find us in a lot of


leading marketplaces in India like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Craftsvilla,

Shopclues and more.



Who is behind the brand?


Janani Balasubramanian is the founder/designer of Kaagitham.


What started as a small, ticking, ‘do you dare to’ dream has kept

her moving and working for almost 3 whole years.


Janani has a keen eye for unique designs and patterns


and she brings in a lot of fun, interesting designs to the

table every day, till date.




If you see her staring at a distance, not looking anywhere

in particular or looking hard at a piece of paper, maybe there is

another cool jewelry piece on the way!





Quilling is an ancient art that became popular as early as in the 18th century


and involves creating 2D and 3D designs by rolling thin strips of paper.


Quilled jewelry is a 3D creation that involves making paper coils,


pinching them into specific shapes and sticking them together, creating

intricate patterns. All Quilled jewelries from Kaagitham are sealed with

a water-resistant coating that makes them sturdy, waterproof

and perfect for everyday wear.




“Money cannot buy everything, but it can buy handcrafted jewelry and that’s pretty close!”